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"Other scenes steal the show with unforgettable song and dance moves by Rocky (Dallas Padoven)..." 


“Chris,” played by current CCM senior Dallas Padoven.  Padoven’s role is the smallest of the contestants but he milks every single second of stage time with his stoicism, brooding and building anger, and show stopping song “Stronger.” …the audible reaction from the folks sitting around me was enough evidence that this young man takes full advantage of his acting training to create perhaps the most moving moment in the show and definitely in all of Act One.


Sappy Critic Cincinnati


Valjean is paroled and finds kindness and grace from “The Bishop of Digne,” played and sung beautifully by character actor Dallas Padoven. Padoven, who plays everything from Bishop to a Pimp to Prisoner to Army Captain impressed with his posture, body language, and some impressive wigs, costumes, and makeup to distinguish each character from the other.  Again, another great vocal performance


Sappy Critic Cincinnati


Padoven has proven to be an especially enterprising performer, having spent his four years performing not only in CCM shows, but also traveling wherever he could find a worthwhile role. He’s done multiple productions with the Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera and the Totem Pole Playhouse, about 30 miles north of Hagerstown, Md. In September, he was seen in “Hands on a Hardbody” at Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati.


David Lyman, Enquirer Contributor


Her backup singers, Griffin Hammel and Dallas Padoven, both new to Totem Pole, are fine not only as her background vocalists but as the commercial singers for the radio station presumably broadcasting Patsy's story; sit back and be entertained, as well, by detergent and cleaning product jingles that some in the audience knew and loved years ago.


Broadway World PA

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